luna tinnemann is not kidnapped!

November 22, 2009

Luna tinnemann has declared to the judges ” I wish living with my mum , I am happy with her .I have already lived with my dad , I disliked!” the judges listened her !

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Mr Bernardino Marzilli &Mr Christian Sorrenti Law Firm

date-17-july 2009

Luna Tinnemann has never been kidnapped!


She is living happily under the custody of her mother following A Court order from Guatemala.

Luna has high quality of life, with friends, school, sports, travel.
This blog has been produced as the   reply to the enormous  amount of news published on  web , almost all of them  unfounded and defamatory.
Luna has never disappeared and lives happily under THE CUSTODY OF HER MOTHER,  DR Rosamaria Bruni , a qualified medical doctor, under the Guatemala Court’s order issued February 2008.

This instruction has been issued by the  Court following LUNA’s statement.  LUNA  has been carefully heard several times by different judges, supported by the attendance of  the Court’s psychologist.
Although this instruction has been appealed by Dr Peter Tinnemann, Luna’s father, the  Court of Appeal has rejected the application, declaring it  groundless .
Thus, LUNA’s  custody  has been confirmed to her mother  with full resolution, in June 2008. 


We won’t  deliberatly publish Luna’s photos or videos in this blog on purpose, as  we  are determined not to intensify the  extensive and widespread quantity  of  photos  and videos on  the web


We are really concerned  about the documents that have been produced and published on the web , as they are exposing Luna and her mum to unforeseeable  and dreadful threat, such as blackmail, paedophilia, kidnapping. For this reason , they have been  living with bodyguards for months.

LUNA’s mum has applied, successfully  to a special court order to protect LUNA .
We wondering what is the legitimate purpose of such amount of advertising,  which would only benefit the author???


We cannot trust  the existence  Bank account under Luna s name,, as genuine Neither  Luna nor her Mum have ever received any financial support so far.


This statement has been issued by Dr R Bruni‘s  solicitors Law firm it is  the only genuine Truth  against  the false and malicious documents  published so far.

Our aim is to protect Luna and her mother‘s private life from  any danger


Mr Bernardino Marzilli & Mr. Christian Sorrenti, Law Firm, Dr R Bruni’s Solicitors











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